Breast Reconstruction in Turkey

What is it?

Breast reconstruction is a plastic surgery aimed at rebuilding and reconstructing one or both breasts. Breast reconstruction is usually a great solution for women who recovered from cancer after a single or a double mastectomy. However, it can also be a solution for women who have undergone trauma or accidents. The reconstruction can be performed using a breast implant or patient’s own tissue and skin.
Breast reconstruction can be done immediately at the same time as the tumor is removed or later after treatment is finished. If the treating doctor sees no particular contraindications (for example supplementing the treatment with radiotherapy sessions), the choice of surgery is up to the patient. Immediate reconstruction helps restore body image, but delayed reconstruction sometimes makes mastectomy more accepted by the body.

Who is it for?

Breast reconstruction surgery is ideal for women who have undergone mastectomy, women who have undergone trauma or accidents. also, it is suitable for women with birth defects.

How much does it cost?

Breast reconstruction in Turkey cost ranges between 2900 and 4600 depending on the case and the method used. This usually includes the hospitalization and all medications and blood tests.

How is breast reconstruction performed ?

There are two main types of breast reconstruction surgeries. 

The first is to use a suitable internal prosthesis and the second uses skin fragments from the latissimus dorsi muscle to reconstruct the breast. 

The choice of each technique depends on many factors (size of the breast to be reconstructed, state of health, etc.). 

The decision always favors the best aesthetic aspect. 

The duration of the operations is different, a prosthesis break can last one or two hours, it usually takes twice as much for a flap reconstruction of the latissimus dorsi.

In order to fully reconstruct the breast, several interventions are necessary. 

The first intervention helps to replenish the breast volume. 

Some women stop after this operation and are happy with the results. 

The other operations harmonize the results on both breasts and reconstruct the nipple and areola.

Breast Reconstruction in Turkey

Why go to Turkey for a breast reconstruction?

What are the advantages of having a breast reconstruction in Turkey? 

Turkey is a very popular destination that attracts millions of people each year from around the world. In addition to its touristic attractions, visitors have been coming increasingly in recent years for medical procedures, including breast implants. Turkey graduates one of the biggest number of plastic surgeons in Europe as there is so much demand. The high demand and competition causes the cost to go down and the quality to go up. As a result, patients end end up getting an excellent quality service for a much lower price!

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